Mufflers and Exhaust Systems

As our name suggests, we’re the experts when it comes to mufflers and exhaust systems. Your vehicle’s exhaust system can affect its noise level, fuel efficiency and pollution level, and its position on the the vehicle makes it vulnerable to damage and stress. Don’t put off muffler maintenance and repairs. Restore your car’s performance with a repair, or upgrade your speed and sound with a custom exhaust we’ll build to suit you.

General Automotive Repair

Mufflers 4 Less has earned its good reputation as a general automotive repair shop. We’ve been in business for three decades and there’s no issue we haven’t encountered and no problem big or small we haven’t been able to fix. What’s more, our mechanics are certified by the ASE — that’s the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. So whether you are experiencing a problem with your engine, brakes or steering, or just want someone you can trust to provide routine maintenance such as oil changes, look no farther than Mufflers 4 Less.


As it accumulates mileage, your car’s steering will gradually lose its alignment, causing it to veer slightly off track. If this problem is not addressed, it can grow from a slight annoyance into a serious problem that can eat up your tires and fuel and more. If your vehicle won’t maintain a straight forward course, bring it to Mufflers 4 Less. Our skilled and experienced team of mechanics are well equipped to provide effective and efficient car and truck alignment and get you safely back on the road.

Auto Air Conditioning

Anyone who spends a lot of time on the road in South Florida knows how crucial air conditioning is. If your vehicle’s air conditioning malfunctions, or simply isn’t performing as well as it once did, don’t let the heat drive you crazy — come to us to diagnose and correct that bad blower, stuck blender door or coolant leak.

“Check Engine” Warning

The “check engine” light is your car’s way of telling you it isn’t well. It might be a minor issue, or something more serious or possibly dangerous. Don’t ignore it, but don’t worry, either — give yourself peace of mind and come in for a free diagnostic check! Our diagnostic center has seen it all. We’ll let you know what’s wrong and arrange a solution that’s within your budget. We want to be the auto shop you know you can turn to, so we strive to earn your trust with each visit.
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